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The Double Room with King Size bed, en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi bath, and did we mention the solid birch flooring and fabulous Harris tweed curtain? Crucial for keeping out the sunrise at about 3.30am in June!

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I know you can't see the curtains but I don't have a wide angle lens but I am working on it - after all if Kirsty can have a new fridge why can't I have a new ....

ok, I am pushing my luck here!  

April 2012

Thanks very much to Tim for sending this lovely wide angle photo of the room taken during their recent stay. So much for my cunning plan to find a reason to buy that all important addition to my camera bag.... 

Guests? They can be just too thoughtful sometimes!

There are Mackenzie Thorpe artworks in every room - check out more information on his website - he is a genius!