Suainaval News

Suainaval News!

Here is a round up of some of our dramatic news stories over the years that we have been providing B and B!
Here is a link to a ‘time lapse’ webcam taken from our house in February 2007 –

New in 2024

We can now take debit/credit card and contactless payments – technology on the edge!

New in 2018!

We may be able to take two night bookings at certain times – e-mail for details if you would like us to check dates for you!

New in 2014!

We have installed a satellite broadband system to improve connectivity – if you must bring the laptop with you that is!
Lewis and Harris voted top island destination in Europe by Trip Advisor! Copy the link for more information!

New in 2013!

Mains water shower added in the Twin Room bathroom! Fabulous new tiling! Not so fabulous new paint colour – why does it never look like it does on the tin?! But hey, doesn’t everyone spend their Christmas holidays painting a bathroom? Twice……!

New in 2012!

Breaking new…..Breaking news…..Breaking news…..
We made a whole range of fabulous enhancements to your holiday pleasure in 2012! Prepare to be amazed! New Living Room carpet and re-decoration…. and many many more thrills to small for anyone but us to notice! It’s the little things that count, so they say!
LCD Flatscreen TV/DVD In Every Room!
Just in case of inclement weather / the desire to catch up on the news or just watch that all important re-run of ‘Cash In The Attic’! We now have Sony LCD TV/DVD players in the guest rooms!
View your artistic creations on the big screen!
SD Card adapters are available in each room so you can see your creative endeavours straight away. And if you are anything like me, press the ‘Delete’ button a few times and go home pretending that every shot was a work of art right from the start!
Wi-Fi Access!
Through the wonder of routers and range expanders and dongle thingys, we now have Wi-Fi access throughout the house. Unfortunately because of our location we don’t have the fastest connection in the world but as long as you are not trying to stream ‘Call of Duty 3’ on that X-Box you sneaked into the lugggage, it should be fine!
Kirsty carries Olympic Torch at Callanish!
On Monday June 11th 2012, the Olympic Flame visited the Western Isles. Kirsty was one of 14 Torchbearer’s from across the islands who were nominated by the public to be Torchbearers. The Olympic Torch Relay Team asked Kirsty to carry the Torch at Callanish at sunrise (4.21am!!) It was an amazing experience and the pictures featured on the front page of The Times and even went as far afield as USA Today! ‚Ä®Just don’t ask Tony about getting back to Stornoway at 4.45am and the deer in the middle of the road… I did say it was a memorable day!

New in 2010!

Kirsty has a new kitchen! It has a range cooker featuring eight gas rings. Please feel free to test her pan skills by asking for a fiull range of cooked items for breakfast! Let’s think – beans, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggy bread – hey, that’s nearly eight!
Road Equivalent Tarrif cuts ferry fares!
The introduction of Road Equivalent Tarrif by the Scottish Government has reduced ferry prices by at
least 40% – yet another good reason to go to and book early!
The hens arrive!
Alex, our 15 year old son, received a hen house for his birthday – so we hope to have our own free range eggs for summer 2010! So what if he wanted a PS3 or an XBox!

Ten hens have arrived safe and well from Skye! Free range Uig eggs available soon! Have your breakfast and see where your scrambled eggs have come from, if you know what I mean. Alex is hoping to sell eggs as part of his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award project.

Many people in Lewis have nicknames – it comes from their being a relatively small number of commonly used christian and surnames; it was obviously important to be able to tell one Donald MacDonald from another!

Alex’s nickname is ‘Egg’ – I will leave him to explain! So it seemed very appropriate to have ‘Egg’s Eggs’ as a business name!

New in 2009!

A new 4 mile section of double track road between Kinlochroag and Eneclete will speed your journey here by, er, several minutes…..! Well, it all helps but it means we have lost some of the potentially thrilling blind summits in the Gisla area. Don’t forget to stop off at Gisla Woodcraft though, for all your wooden holiday gift requirements!
Fabulous new Birch flooring in the Double room!
Thanks to the fantastic deal offered by the good folks at Carpet World Warehouse – first stop for all your holiday flooring requirements – we now have a resplendent solid birch floor in the Double room this year; please ensure you pack your slippers – no scratches please. Only kidding.
July 2008 – We have made it to TripAdvisor!
A guest has very kindly added a listing on TripAdvisor – the world’s largest independent travel review site. Tag line – ‘Get advice from real travelers!’
Read independent visitor reviews on Trip Advisor by following the link. No cash changed hand for any of these contributions – honestly!
(Please note that no financial inducements were offered in exchange for a positive review. Just the occasional extra sausage….Only kidding.)
May 2007 -We now have 4 ****!!
At our recent Visit Scotland inspection we have received a 4**** grading! We are the only accommodation in the area to have acheived this – and the bribe was much less than we expected! (Just kidding – honestly!)

Just to confuse you, we are not actually in Aird Uig – we suspect that has something to do with a postcode search engine. We are about four miles south of Aird Uig. Check the map – maps are great! Maybe that’s just me…..
We now have over 100 listings – and no, they are not all composed by relatives…….